Modesta’s 94th Birthday Cake

It is really a pleasure whenever Songiah is creating cakes for grandmas and grandpas. One way or another, the cake gives a different level of happiness to our elders... a different color and energy on their special day.

This time, it was a cake for a 94th grandma! It was so amazing that Songiah has been a part of a 94th birthday which we could consider nowadays that it is a great blessing to reach such age!

The cake was again customized based on the lifestyle of the celebrant. It was topped with a recliner chair, Mrs Modesta, bible, an old model television and man's best friend - dogs (a pomeranian, labrador and beagle).

Thank you again Dennis King of Pleasantville, Lucena City, for choosing Songiah. Thank you for a smooth and no-hassle transactions and communications. We haven't met personally.. all the talks and planning were made online, as well as payment.

Here are some of the photos:

IMG_1412 IMG_1420IMG_1411  IMG_1418