Lloyd & Love Wedding Cake

Another piece from Songiah, Lloyd and Love's wedding cake held at Plaridel, Quezon. Transporting the cake from Lucena to Plaridel took a lot of challenge, it's a 3 layered wedding cake and there was a storm that time, that's why.. whew!

Anyways, like what I have said it is a 3 layered wedding cake, separated by a glass, between the second and the first layer. The topmost layer is a dummy cake topped with fondant flowers. The cake was surrounded by a 100 cupcakes that served as their wedding favors.

IMG_5043 IMG_5044

The cake at its closest view.

IMG_5036Handmade fondant flowers in yellow colors.


The cupcake giveaway, packed in an acetate box, with ribbons and tags.

IMG_5018 IMG_5024